6 Things To Know If You Love Wearing Black

Why do we love black so much? Simple, it’s super versatile, super chic and so super we wear it head to toe most days.

We’re not quite sure what we’d do without it – though it isn’t without its *small insignificant* issues.

1. Cat hair is the enemy.

Especially white fluffy kind. Nothing ruins an all-black look quite like fluff. FYI - never leave home without a lint roller.

2. The many shades of black.

There is more than one shade of black, and sometimes they should never be mismatched.

3. Summer is a challenge.

You’ll pretty much constantly be sweating. So thank god for 48-hour deodorant.

4. No, it’s nothing to do with being a goth.

Dark tees do not reflect a dark mindset.

5. Nobody wears black to look thinner.

That old tale about black being slimming? Not actually sure it’s true, anyway (but maybe that’s because black looks best when there are at least three layers of it, all of which are oversized).

6. Black to a wedding: bring it.

The mother of the bride may frown, and the photographer might be irritated, but it’s a small price to pay for a day of comfort.

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